Hyacinth macaws

25,000 درهم
  • رقم الإعلان : 1556949

تفاصيل الإعلان

Selling this beautiful Parrots due to health reasons.Lizzy and
Charlie are in good health overall but requires a special home and someone who is experienced in parrots and give them a forever home. Lizzy and Charlie talks and forms short sentences, they also screeches sometimes as they do in the wild.They regularly comes out of their cage and fly’s around.they can have mood swings and sometimes prefers not to be touched and most times is very affectionate and likes to be cuddled.
These parrots are very intelligent and do require a lot of attention.
Lizzy and Charlie will come with their cage if required.
Please bear in mind these Parrots can live up to 40 years or longer
Please get in touch if your serious.
Thank You.

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